God Blesses all His Children

There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” (D&C 130:20-21)

This article is to establish the principle that God is no respecter of persons.  Whosoever pays the price to accomplish an endeavor, is worthy, and will be responsible for that calling or mission; God will provide the support for that person to accomplish it.  Whether the endeavor is as a U.S. senator, chief of police, organic farmer, Lutheran minister, faith and miracle healer, or director of an orphanage, God will support honest effort.  If that is truly the desire of their heart, God covenants to answer their prayers, give them inspiration, and have angels influence them to be successful in their choice while here in mortality.  None of these callings, missions, and endeavors, even that of faith healer, necessarily require having the Priesthood responsibility.

We must understand that many choices and decisions did not just start here in our second estate,the flesh, but were initiated in the pre-existence, first estate.  For the most part when a person enters into this flesh life, it is decided in the pre-existence spirit world.  Some have come into this world with greater advantage, and some with lesser advantage.  Once again, for the most part, this placement was agreed to, decided upon, and qualified for, in the pre-existence.

God established a covenant bloodline through which “all the nations of the earth would be blessed.” (Gen. 26:4) Those who were fore ordained to come through this bloodline came to earth with the advantage of a birthright to the priesthood of God. Yet some who came with this greater advantage at the time of Jesus Christ failed horribly: by killing Jesus and his apostles. However, through their great faithfulness in the pre-existence, the Jews as a body, qualified for the Christ to come through their blood line, and many thousands of them believed Jesus and were exalted on high.  This faithfulness, also qualifies them to receive the Priesthood in mortality.  But, because of unrighteous dominion, taking honor to themselves, and imposing perverted doctrines, only a few held the Levitical Priesthood before Christ came.  Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were two, of a mere handful, who still had the Priesthood at the time of Jesus Christ.  On the contrary, some lineages, like the blood of Cain, whose performance in pre-existence was lacking, came into life with the lesser advantage—not receiving permission to have the blessing of Priesthood—yet many have been very productive in this mortal estate.   Some examples of those who have excelled with this lesser advantage were:gwcarver

  1. George Washington Carver:  An inventor and agriculturalist, he developed many new sustainable farming techniques, popularized the use of all kinds of peanut products, and assisted millions of his fellow countrymen on the path to prosperity and equality.
  2. Nelson Mandela:the South African President and activist who brought much peace to his people. Widely regarded as an icon of democracy and social justice, he received more than 250 honors, including the Nobel Peace Prize. He is held in deep respect within South Africa, where he is often referred to as the “Father of the Nation”.nelson-mandela-inspirational
  3. Jesse Owen and Carl Linz:  gold medal winners who brought honor to the U.S. Olympic teams,
  4. Harriet Tubman: She inspired generations of African Americans struggling for equality and civil rights; she was praised by leaders across the political spectrum. She was an American abolitionist, and humanitarian. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made some thirteen missions to rescue approximately seventy enslaved families and friends using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. In the post-war era she was an active participant in the struggle for women’s suffrage.

God’s work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man: starting with the Intelligence (Mind of the spirit), to the Spirit Body, and on to the mortal Physical Body.  This sacred opportunity is a gift that God has given us by grace.  Even so, as God’s opportunity is accepted, there are still responsibilities and commitments attached. Thus we see that ALL people of all races and families and bloodlines are entitled to the blessings, direction, and inspiration of God.

In the beginning, whether with the Intelligence (Mind of the spirit), or the Spirit body, or on to the physical Mortal body that we now possess, agency was recognized.  Gaining a mortal body is based upon choice.  No Spirit is ever forced to take a physical body; however, each Spirit must be emotionally mature enough to take upon themselves the responsibility of a body.  It could take millions of years for an Intelligence (Mind of the spirit) to develop sufficient maturity to manage a Spirit body, let alone a Physical body.

An under-developed Intelligence (Mind of the spirit) is only concerned about self-comfort, self-awareness, and self-satisfaction.  Only when that Intelligence (Mind of the spirit) becomes aware of and concerned about others around him does he become a candidate to gain a Spirit body.  But, even then, an Intelligence (Mind of the spirit) may say, “I am totally content with self-interest; I do not want the added responsibility.”This agency has always existed and it will always exist.   Agency meaning:  God gives the right to accept or reject light, knowledge, and responsibility.

If the Intelligence (Mind of the spirit), or the Spirit body person, or the Mortal physical person accepts light and knowledge, he is expected to put that light and knowledge into righteous use.  If he righteously uses it, that light and knowledge will magnify and increase in capacity, opening the door for more light and knowledge on the subject to be received; which is spoken of in reference to increasing our talents or in the losing the talent. (Matt. 25:14-30)  If he joys in that light and knowledge, he will become wise or have wisdom; wisdom meaning: the understanding of how to use the light and knowledge correctly.

As one loves and appreciates the light and knowledge, and as one recognizes it has come from God, which wisdom then turns into intelligenceIntelligence meaning: the realizing that God is the source: recognizing that he has provided for our body temple and has provided all of the knowledge and skills we have learned in our life from his infinite knowing; the rendering of perpetual gratitude and appreciation for God’s providence; and the desire to use our knowledge, talents, wealth , and our body temple to glorify God.  This is the intelligence of God.


As God has said through his prophet, “[You] cannot be saved any faster than [you] gain knowledge.”  (DHC 4:588) But, if the Intelligence (Mind of the spirit), the Spirit person, or the Mortal person, at any time, says, “I do not want anymore light and knowledge,” under the eternal law of agency, it is not required of him to receive any more.  In fact, if he feels he does not like some of the light and knowledge he has received, he can set it aside or even reject it:  under the law of agency, this can be done.  But,we need to realize the result of this: he cannot progress any further than the light and knowledge he does receive and properly puts to use.

Rejecting light and knowledge that seems overwhelming, scary, or impossible is one thing—it may be set on a shelf for a future experience.  But, to reject light and knowledge that has already been accepted, believed, and put into force, starts to fall into a category of rebellion.

A wise Intelligence (Mind of the spirit), Spirit person, or Mortal person should not reject light and knowledge, but just set it aside and make good use of the light and knowledge he does accept. Then, in time, with faith, and by appreciating the existing light and knowledge he has received,the more difficult light and knowledge will become more understandable and in time they may become able to accept it.

Here is a simple example:

An 8-years-old boy has made a pair of stilts that put his feet 18 inches off the ground.  He learns to walk on them within 10 to 15 minutes.  An older,12-year-old boy has a set of stilts that puts his feet 4 feet from the ground.  He dares the 8-year-old to walk on them.The 8-year-old boy is too scared and says, “No, I cannot do it; I am afraid.”

For the next week, the 8-year-old played and played, (practiced and practiced) with his 18-inch pair of stilts until he visualized how it could be done with the 4-foot stilts.He, then, accepted the challenge of the 12-year-old boy,and with his past week’s experience,he now walked on the 4-foot stilts with ease.  The 8-year-old received such satisfaction at his ability to walk on the 4-foot stilts, that it boosted his confidence to consider walking on even higher 5-foot ones.

We see the 8-year-old boy implemented very important principles: faith, belief, and works; or works, faith and belief, whatever order you want to say it.  The end result, he was now able to walk on the 4-foot pair of stilts when a week earlier, he did not believe he could.   He implemented a lesser level of light and knowledge (the 18-inch stilt), by practice (work and faith) into a higher level (the 4-foot stilt), by believing he could.  His believing that opened him to higher light and knowledge.  This is the pathway of advancement and keeps alive the law of Eternal Progression.

Here are some more serious examples recorded in the scriptures.

 Zacharias and Elizabeth both wanted children all their lives. She had passed childbearing, yet they still prayed that God would give them a child.  As Zacharias is in the temple offering the sacrifice to the Lord in behalf of the Jewish people, the angel Gabriel appears to him.stdas0276  The angel tells him that he and Elizabeth will have a son named John, and that this John will be the forerunner to the Messiah.  Zacharias is much taken back as how this can be possible considering how Elizabeth is past childbearing ability, and his own limited physical health and stamina to provide for and raise a child.  However, of even more concern,are his many weaknesses and short comings, making him question his worthiness to raise the forerunner of Christ.  (Note:  Zacharias was not thinking they were evil, robbers, adulterers, or murderers, but that they had not qualified to be sanctified; he knew his patience and faith was not perfect.  His personal expectations of what was expected of him were higher than other priests.) But, because of these doubts the angel causes Zacharias to be dumb, unable to speak.

When the angel Gabriel comes to Elizabeth and informs her she will conceive and bare a son named John,who is to be the forerunner to the Son of God, she cries for joy!  She, too, recognizes she is a sinner and falls short of such a blessing; but in her heart she knows, God is merciful and forgiving, and is highly favoring her with such a great calling.  She realizes the physical limitations will be eased with God’s help.  When Zacharias hears the witness of Elizabeth—that the angel has come to her,too, he realizes God really is merciful, and judges more by the desires of the heart, than by the performance of the flesh.

Zacharias and Elizabeth hallow this higher light and knowledge, holding it dear to their hearts.  They pray to God for further direction on how to proceed with this new mission, whereupon, God makes known the dangers, responsibility and joysthat will accompany this Godly assignment.  They both magnify this light and knowledge granted to them by entering into the creative covenant, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

annunciationAccording to the scriptures, Mary, the mother of Jesus, a holy and virtuous young woman, was engaged to be married to Joseph the Carpenter, when she was visited by the angel Gabriel.  He told her that God looked upon her with great favor, and that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Son of God.  She asked, “How can this be?”  She was not married at this time nor had she been in the wedding bed with Joseph.  The angel informed her that Joseph was not to be the father of the Son of God; but, that God, himself, was to be the father.  (She was going on faith that this was a real angel of God, the Spirit of God bore witness to her of its truth, and she accepted this light and knowledge.)  She still asked, “How can this be that God be the father?”  The angel explained that the Holy Ghost, or Spirit of God would fall upon her to prepare her spirit and body for the presence of God, and that by entering into the Holy Covenant of Creation, she would conceive the sacred seed of life from God the Father.

Mary joyed in this Holy pregnancy, but she was greatly concerned about how to tell Joseph.  Would he hate her?  Would it break his heart?  Would he file a complaint with the elders,which could end her life by stoning for breaking her vow with Joseph?  She had witnesses from the Holy Ghost, from the angel, and from God the Father, that she was to bring the Son of God into this life.    This light and knowledge she had accepted and was committed to:  she would not turn back nor break her covenant because of dangers or unknown events of the future.

When she told Joseph that she was pregnant with the Son of God, he was greatly alarmed.  Joseph considered several choices—to turn her over to the elders for judgment, or provide her with money to secret her out of the country and never see her again.  Joseph, being a righteous man, and based on the light and knowledge that he had received that she was to be his wife, he realized he must find out what it was that God wanted.

In answer to his earnest prayers, the Angel Gabriel came instructingangel-to-joseph him in a dream, to fear not, for that which was in Mary’s womb was holy—that she was carrying the Son of God.  He was to take her to wife protecting her, and the Son of God, too.  He joyed in this higher light and knowledge, and magnified this calling.

In these five examples:1) the 8-year-old boy, 2) Zacharias, 3) Elizabeth, 4) Mary, and 5) Joseph, all eventually accepted the light and knowledge they received and magnified it.  The latter four, have been exalted for their choices.  Yes, from the very pre-existence, down through time, all have the right of accepting or rejecting the light and knowledge due to the principle of agency.

There are those who had the right of priesthood and yet they rejected the greater light and knowledge to the degree that they have become traitors and adversaries to God’s work.  When this level of rebellion exists, they forfeit their agency to the devil, and are damned to their level of darkness, losing the light and knowledge they once had.  Just a few examples of those who fall into this category:   Lucifer, Cain, Laman, Lemuel, Judas, William Law, John C. Bennett, and Saul.

Saul was blessed to be a great king and military leader, and was highly respected and honored by the people—his name declared, even more, than the renowned prophet Samuel.  Pride entered,he thought himself wiser than Samuel,deciding he would override Samuel’s directions—feeling his own wisdom, better, and his honor and power, higher than Samuel’s.  sauldavidHe was warned of his pride, but did not repent; as a result he lost more and more of his light.  He fell from being the noble king and brilliant military leader, to being a murderer: killing many priests for providing sanctuary to David, and continually seeking David’s life, even after receiving witnesses of David’s innocence and faithfulness to God. Eventually, in several years’ time, he lost all the original light that God had endowed him with.Upon dying, his Spirit immediately entered into the presence of the devil and his angels, to be buffeted and tormented.

On the positive side, there are many great and noble people,who, in the pre-existence, chose to do much good in the flesh.  A couple callings—very great and noble, mistakenly overlooked but everywhere present—are the fathers and mothers who chose in the pre-existence to be honorable parents on the earth.  In this life, many parents are Jewish, Buddhist, Indian, Catholic, Hindu, African, Muslim, Chinese, and Russian, etc.  All of these are honoring and fulfilling the commandment law issued from God, “to multiply and replenish the earth.”

There are many others who chose notable, honorable callings not requiring Priesthood:

  1. Christopher Columbus: discovered America
  2. William Bradford: lead the Pilgrim movement in America
  3. Tesla and Einstein: discovered electrical and atomic energy principles of the universe
  4. Oscar Schindler and Winston Churchill: both sought to protect the innocent from Hitler
  5. George Frideric Handel: wrote beautiful music including “The Messiah”
  6. Mahatma Gandhi: chose to peaceably free his people in India from English dominance, and revealed the principles of non violence to the secular world.


(Lorin Woolley stated: “Mohandas K. Gandhi is a prophet of God. Don’t you ever say anything against him. I am personally acquainted with him. The world does not know: he is a prophet of God.” (“Testimony of Moroni Jessop,” p.22.))

These good people just mentioned from Columbus to Gandhi had the blessings of God upon them to accomplish their particular pre-existence-chosen mission.  Evidently none had asked for the priesthood and its extra responsibility for this lifetime—but,they did choose wholesome callings. God did promise to help them be successful in their callings of choice. From many examples, we see most of the spirits felt more comfortable with other callings, not requiring the Priesthood.

There were those worthy of the blessing of Priesthood in the pre-existence, who were asked to come to earth when the Priesthood was not available; they came to prepare the way for the restoration.  The spirits of many reformers like John Wesley, and William Tyndale, and even George Washington, and Christopher Columbus, appeared to President Wilford Woodruff in the St. George temple asking for their temple endowments (blessings of the Priesthood) to be performed by proxy.hope-of-the-world

Let us take note: in the here after spirit-world Paradise, many who have magnified their original callings and have proven worthy may come to decide they want to have the added responsibility and blessings of priesthood. By this time, in their Paradise estate, they will have gained more light and knowledge and realized its great value. They would be aware that in conjunction with the priesthood, lies much responsibility and intensive training to open them into the heir-ship opportunity—offered by God’s grace through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

grace1918enstromRemember the agency of God allows and grants earthly missions of wholesomeness— missions that do not require holding the priesthood. For instance, many Christian ministers chose in the pre-existence to teach the basic principles of Christianity—faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, repentance of sins, love ones neighbor as oneself, and to pray for God to help each to have a fulfilling life.  This was their desired mission—basic Christianity.  For most ministers, and their congregations who have like interests and commitments, the fullness of the gospel would be too hard and demanding. However, God still answers their prayers according to their faith, and inspires these ministers to preach his word.

Many good ministers and faith healers, men or women, have the gift of healing because of their faith, and are instrumental in performing miracles and healings of the sick.  They are granted these callings because it was their request, and they put their efforts to that end in their mortal lives.

Over the past one hundred plus years, many Christian ministers have come to realize they cannot advance until they accept Jesus Christ’s priesthood line of the key-holders back to the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.  They have come to realize they have no authority (priesthood) to marry for eternity—all the marriages they perform coming to an end as soon as one or the other marriage partner dies.  No matter how good they preach their sermons, or how many people they bring to Jesus Christ on Sunday, or how many families they gather to after-meeting picnics, they do not have authority (priesthood) to seal families together after death.

We do realize among good Christians, good policemen, good mayors, good governors, good presidents, and good Mormon bishops, there will always be some evil-designed people that cause trouble: this is a fact, but it is beside the main point in this presentation.  Our purpose here is to focus on all those good-intended, God-fearing mortals, including those outside of the priesthood responsibility calling.

When we compare down through Old Testament era, New Testament era, dark ages, and on to us in the Latter-day time, there could have been 50 to 100 billion people on the earth.  Out of all those billions of people, probably less than 1% of the total population has come down through time in the Priesthood line.

Of course God definitely loves the 99%, even if they did not want the Priesthood in the pre-existence, and he blesses them with miracles as they use their faith and prayers in this life for good. rtemagic01-jpgGod loves the Buddhist priest, the Catholic nun, the honorable marriage counselors, the county marshal, the local union leader, etc. God honors their choice of careers/missions that they made in the pre-existence, and He will provide angels to inspire and protect them in their callings, that they may do well for those who depend on them here in mortality.

The spirit of God and the angels are always providing influences to guide these people and us to consider more light and knowledge, than was originally committed to in the pre-existence—of course, this is if there is no serious sin or rebellion. The more light and knowledge a person has, the more responsibility and sacrifice is required.  Jesus said, “He that is the greatest among you, will be the servant of all.”  (Matt 23:11) It has been said, “God’s existence is one of eternal sacrifice.”

Too often, many commitments and covenants made in the pre-existence are forgotten or dismissed in this life.  Fortunately, there are some who magnify what they agreed to in the pre-existence, plus, through added desire, they go on to do more in the flesh, than previously committed.

There are dozens, even hundreds of people,who have died and gone into the spirit world.  After seeing the hereafter, and those who have passed from mortality, there, they return and report their experience.  In many cases,because of this new light and knowledge,they make greater effort to improve their lives.However, we find only a few accounts that record the pre-existence world, its happenings, and the previously made decisions concerning this life.

.   Here we include a few Pre-existence accounts:

  1. Genesis has the first account of the pre-existence,telling us that the Gods (“Elohim” in Hebrew)  came together to create the world and the heavens. When the choosing time came for the spirits—what plan they wanted to follow on earth?  Some chose Lucifer’s plan, hoping they would inherit a godly kingdom, no matter what they did in the flesh while on the earth—no matter how irresponsibly they performed,they would receive a great reward.   Others chose Jesus Christ’s plan—meaning they would take responsibility to perform honorably and to be blessed according to the level of faith they would perform and fulfill by their missions.  Of course, a lot of controversy arose, even leading to a war in heaven.  the-grand-councilWe see Lucifer’s plan was rejected, and Jesus’ plan was accepted,so that every glory or reward would be granted by faith, through the Lord Jesus Christ, according to their faithful works performed.   At that time, one third of the host of heaven was cast out for rebellion—this left many souls separated from their soulmate companions when their time came to go to earth’s training. All these happenings of the pre-existence are of major impact on what’s happening on this earth today.
  2. Moses and Abraham were shown into the pre-existence, receiving some very important principles i.e. the difference between the Intelligence (Mind of the spirit) and the Spirit body person—as already touched on in the previous paragraphs. They marveled at the magnitude of the hosts of heaven, so vast that they were almost incomprehensible to look upon. Moses was left feeling totally insignificant. (Read Moses Chapter 1, and Abraham 3&4)
  3. Mosiah Hancock received a vision of the pre-existence,giving some of the greatest details available. He saw that when the Intelligences (Mind of the spirit) were born into spirit bodies,they came as soulmates—in pairs,male and female.  They pledged to work together, throughout eternity.  (We note that these pairs may not always get together, here, even though, angels make every effort to bring it about.) He saw many female spirits heartbroken because their soulmates chose to follow Satan in his rebellion. He, also, saw that some other male spirits did not take seriously their studies and duties in the pre-existence and fell short of their commitments—leaving even more females without soulmates.
  4. The play “Saturday’s Warrior,” available for many years, reflects many truths that are real. It portrayed that all the spirits made commitments in the pre-existence of what they wanted here in mortal life, including who they would marry and who would be their children.
  5. There are other examples, too, that bring out points of truth or principles portraying choices made in the pre-existence. For example, when Jesus was asked what had happened to the paralyzed man: whether he had sinned in the life before or had his parents sinned then? He said that it was neither of the suggested ideas, but had been agreed upon to glorify God—meaning in the before-life society, callings/missions were chosen for this life. (John 9:2-3)

We have covered much information on the majority of God’s spirit children who did not want Priesthood responsibility and chose other important callings and missions, in the pre-existence, for their mortal life.  Now, let us focus on the very small percentage of all God’s children, who did chose missions requiring Priesthood.

In the very beginning, Adam’s Heavenly Father commanded both Adam and Eve to “multiply and replenish the earth.”  Though the Bible tells us (Genesis 5:3) that Adam begat Seth when he was 130 years old—it is obvious they had children before Seth besides Cain and Able, who were mentioned. Then Genesis 5:4 says, “And Adam begat sons and daughters,” even after Seth was born.  In all Adam and Eve’s 900 plus years living on the earth, they must have had several hundred children born to them. Why then, in most cases, is only one son mentioned in the Bible for each Patriarchal father?  Because they are the ones who would carry the Holy Priesthood of God through the ages. (Cain is mentioned as a patriarch but was not a priesthood heir. His partiarchy was over those descendants who are forbidden the Priesthood, until all of God’s other children have had the opportunity. This is the lesson of the Story of Cain and Abel.)

Priesthood authority is essential for performing ordinances to extend into eternity.  It also officiates here, in the flesh.  An example is a Bishop who takes charge of the tithes and offerings in the church.

The priesthood line passed from Father Michael Adam ordaining his son Seth, on down through the ancient patriarchs, and Noah carried it through the destroying flood.  Noah passed it down to his son Shem, who ordained Abraham; on to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, and to his sons Ephraim and Manasseh; coming on down through a few other holy men like Moses and Elijah and Malachi, etc. who carried the priesthood to Jesus Christ’s time.  (At Christ’s time, due to unrighteous dominion, most of the Sanhedrin, who thought they had the Priesthood, had lost it.)

This same Holy Priesthood line, Jesus bestowed on his 12 apostles, placing Peter in charge of the presiding keys of the priesthood.   After Jesus resurrected, he authorized the Melchizedek and the Levitical Priesthood to officiate in the New World—America, just as he had done in the Old world—Jerusalem.  In time, because of unworthiness and apostasy, all the worthy mortals were taken, either in death or translation,from both the Old and New Worlds, leaving only the lesser enlightened mortals on the earth.In such a condition the world inhabitants, as a whole, did not have the blessings of the Priesthood for hundreds of years—meaning:  there were no marriages, baptisms, covenants, contracts, oaths, ordinances, or holy commitments recognized by God after death.

By the authority of translated beings—such as John the Revelator and the three Nephites, to mention a few,—or angels who hold the Holy Melchizedek priesthood, the world was protected from total spiritual destruction by the powers of the adversary.  These beings were directed by the Lord to watch over the whole world,to preserve the sacred blood lines, and to orchestrate events for the restoration of the priesthood and the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ, to qualifying mortals in the last days.

peterjamesjohn2The Lord decided the time had come to bring the priesthood back to mortal man.  In 1829, He directed John the Baptist, also Peter, James, and John to ordain Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to the Levitical (Aaronic) and the Melchizedek priesthoods.  When God, the Father, and his son, Jesus Christ, came in 1820 to Joseph Smith in the grove, the Lord clearly stated that none of the existing churches on the earth were true, and that it would be the responsibility of Joseph Smith, after holding the Presiding Keys of the priesthood, to restore the true church on April 6, 1830. (this April 6th day was chosen in respect to Jesus Christ’s birthday anciently. see D&C 21)

To name a sample of the churches existing worldwide in the 1820s and 1830s, there were Muslim, Catholic, Methodist, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Lutheran, Native American Indian, and religions in South America, Africa, and Hawaii, etc.

There are some truths in all the religions of the world, and God does more than allow them to exist, He sends them all inspiration and truth!  For they fill the level of the people’s desires for truth and light on the earth.  We see, once again, that God is blessing each person, in the various religions, to have inspirations and miracles according to their faith and diligence.  There is no Priesthood authority in them, per se; so eventually, all people, prior to the final judgment, will have to be aware and accept the priesthood and true Church of Jesus Christ, before they can get even into the Telestial Kingdom, let alone the Terrestrial or Celestial Kingdoms. This is because every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, and that his judgments are just. (Isa 45:23)

In summary we have established:

  1. Most things existing in this earthly society are the result of pre-earth spirit decisions.
  2. Agency is extended to all who will be responsible for that knowledge, skill, dominion, or authority they desire.
  3. The necessity for knowledge, light, wisdom is essential for advancement.
  4. Intelligence exercised enables one to comprehend and appreciate light and truth, as well as to recognize that the source of light and truth is from God. D&C 88:67-68 states, “If we have an eye single to the glory of God, our whole body will be filled with light and we will comprehend all things.”
  5. If we seek more light and knowledge,we will be increased in intelligence: the light of truth, only if we are willing to be responsible for that light and knowledge.  When we reject light and knowledge,we will be restricted to that degree, being damned,therein,from being able to advance.  In rebelling or fighting against the light and knowledge, eventually,we will lose the light and knowledge we once had,and, additionally, we will lose the stewardships that were once ours.
  6. In the pre-existence, each spirit chose what he/she would like to do when in earthly mortality, provided that he would be responsible for that calling. God had previously offered opportunities and suggestions to each spirit.  Then, He granted each one choice of what he/she would like to be in this life.  Even so, sad to say, too many that qualified for the right of the Priesthood, have fallen short or failed, altogether.
  7. While in the pre-existence, most spirits realized the heavy requirements and responsibilities of receiving the power of the priesthood, and they chose to have callings of good that did not require priesthood. For example:  father and mother, marriage counselor, Methodist minister, professional inventor, herbalist, medical doctor, governor, farmer, cattleman, businessman, teacher, and university professor, etc. Whether a lesser or a higher calling was chosen, God provides every responsible spirit the power needed to succeed in their chosen calling.
  8. God plans for everyone’s salvation. God loves and cares for each and every person on the earth—this is evidenced by his sending Jesus Christ to pay for mankind’s sins.  God says his work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
  9. The blood of Jesus has paid for all mankind, even the Chinese communist, the Muslim terrorists, or the drug lords of South America, etc., preparing the way for each to have opportunity given to them to repent and accept Jesus Christ, either while here in the flesh or as a spirit in the hereafter. Those who procrastinate repenting in this life will have a lesser reward, than if they had repented here in mortality.
  10. Even if a person is not of the House of Israel or of the line of the ancient patriarchs, through faith on Jesus Christ and his royal Priesthood keys, repentance, and baptism, a gentile may be grafted into the House of Israel.
  11. To bow the knee and confess that Jesus is the Christ is the corridor to eternal life; however, to gain the Celestial Kingdom, one must do more than just say,“I accept Jesus Christ.” One must sustain the presiding Keyholder of the Priesthood and church of Jesus Christ, as well as repent of all sin and become sanctified (D&C 132:7).

There will be eternal peace and joy, forever. God has a plan prepared to redeem all of his children, and bless us and gather us to whatever glory we will seek. as he declared by the prophet Joseph: “That same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there, only it will be coupled with eternal glory”! (D&C 130:2) This is the promise to all mankind, Jew, Gentile, or Canaanite.

But if you will truly seek your highest calling, then you must forsake the darkness and embrace the light one step at a time. I invite you to make that sacrifice, and seek the face of God. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.




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