Chag Sameach!


As Passover begins tonight I am pondering the essential connection between the Jewish and Mormon connection to the house of Israel. It is strange to contemplate that there is no Mormon Passover tradition as such, Yet our entire religion is steeped in passover symbolism. It is the mormon people who recognize the return of Elijah the Prophet to turn the hearts of the Children to their Fathers, and the hearts of the Fathers to their children. This event occured on April 3rd 1836, on passover, just as the seder indicates. The Sacrament is but a reminder of the great Passover seder where Jesus used the Matzah and wine as a symbol for the atonement, which brings us out of spiritual egypt and into the spiritual presence of God. The Mormon people are the only people with a temple where generations are welded to generations back to our father Abraham, so that we can be saved. Far from abolishing the law of the pesach, or Passover observance, Jesus fulfilled the law, and its symbols point not only to Christ, but to the restoration of the Gospel and the final gathering of Latter-Day Israel.

There are a few Latter-Day Saints who do observe the Passover, but most of them simply follow the traditions of the Jewish people, specifically the outward observances that come from the same tradition as the pharisees. While the traditions are beautiful, they are presented without the understanding, meaning and authority that they could be if practiced by the true authority of the priesthood, and the understanding given to us by the restoration. So lets look at the symbols of the Passover in each of its steps and consider what a Latter-Day Passover might be like.

Perhaps someday the Prophet will restore the true practice of this ordinance. Until then I am writing these observations as my own personal opinion of some of the symbols we find in the scriptures. I am in no way speaking for anyone else or any church.



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