Addendum to the Doctrine and Covenants

As the last post requested, this post contains additional scripture. These revelations are over 100 years old, but at least some Latter-Day saints have not read them yet. This post is an attempt to bring a little more light and truth into the world, from the Lord’s prophets. These additional scriptures are true revelations and may someday be included in the D&C. Until then they are unofficial in the church. To obtain a print copy please call (US phones) (801) 769-6279. also available here: Addendum to the D&C_E-Copy






There is not one syllable in any commandment or revelation which by inference or otherwise can properly be construed as permitting the Church to choose which of the revelations will be

binding upon it, either by a vote of the people or other means.

Revelation is revelation. When the Lord speaks, he has spoken. His word is to be accepted and obeyed if men expect to receive salvation. To reject the word of the Lord is to reject the Lord himself…

Revelations originate with God, not with man. It goes without saying that all revelation is truth; that progress toward perfection comes only by adherence to the truth; and that the truths of salvation are known only by revelation. When the Lord speaks, therefore, his words are binding on all men, whether they approve of what he has said or whether they reject it and rebel against the Author of their being.

Men have their agency, of course, and they can accept or reject any truth of which they have knowledge, but they cannot change either the revelations or their effects upon men. As individuals or in groups, men may reject the blessings that would have come by obedience. And for their rejection they are damned.

All the revelations of God are binding whether the Church accepts them by vote or not. If they are rejected, by vote or otherwise, those so acting cut themselves off from the promised blessings…

If even one revelation can be disregarded, why not another, and another, and another? Where will it end, and how long will it be before the power of finite man makes the infinite wisdom of God conform to man’s whims and prejudices? When will the next revelation be deleted, and what will it be?

Instead of rejecting portions of what has been revealed, how much better it would be to seek for light, and truth, and revelation, so that going from grace to grace we might eventually attain the perfect day, have all light, and all truth, and inherit eternal exaltation.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie “Common Consent”


“We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.”  A of F 1:9

The Addendum to The Doctrine and Covenants is an unofficial collection of selected divine revelations not currently found in the standardized canon of the Doctrine and Covenants. As such it is Deutero-Canonical, or in other words, while identical in nature to the canonized revelations found in the current edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, these sections have not yet been presented for inclusion in future editions of the Doctrine and Covenants, to a general conference of the Church for a sustaining vote.

However, the validity of revelation, its truth or falsity, is not established by the operation of the law of common consent. There is no provision in the Lord’s plan for the members of his Church to pass upon the validity of revelations by a vote of the Church. If any person rejects, or fails to accept, any of the revelations given of the Lord in this dispensation, thereby presuming to stand in judgment upon the Lord, they only destroy their own authority, cut the thread that bound them to the Prophet and to God and sink themselves to hell.

Each section in this addendum was given by the Lord as revelation to the Church in the latter days; as such, each is “scripture given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16).         These divine revelations are evidence of the Lord’s loving guidance and direction given through his prophets.       These revelations, and many others, have previously been printed in church publications. They are now presented in this convenient booklet that can be inserted into the back cover of your scriptures. It is hoped that this will make a few of the most oft quoted and significant revelations more accessible to the members of the church. It is hoped that Latter-Day Saints everywhere will read and ponder the truths contained in this little collection of scripture and gain a testimony of the truth of the principles of the gospel as presented to the world by the Lord’s Prophets.


A Revelation on the Duty of Bishops, given through Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon in March 1832. The first two bishops in this dispensation had just been called, (Edward Partridge and Newel K Whiney,) and this revelation was given to instruct the church on this priesthood office. A revelation on Priesthood. (original handwritten revelation in Newel K Whitney papers, BYU, Harold B Lee library).


1-4, Bishops are to judge and administer. 5-6, Offerings belong to the Lord. 7-9, The church is to be equal and will be blessed with abundance if obedient. 10– 11, Bishops are to be impartial judges; their stewardship is to be separate from their personal affairs. They must hear all claims and are subject to counsel. 12-13, We must be united in the covenant of the gospel, 14, The first presidency is to preside over the church. 15-18, Be faithful and you will be blessed, the priesthood and keys can only be lost through transgression.

Verily, thus saith the LORD unto you my servants Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith:

2 I reveal unto you for your profit and instruction concerning the aBishops of my church.

3 What is their duty in the church?

4 Behold, it is their duty to stand in the office of their Bishopric, and to fill the ajudgment seat which I have appointed unto them, to administer the bbenefits of the church, or the csurpluses of all who are in their stewardships, according to the commandments as they are severally appointed.

5 And the property, or that which they receive of the church is not their own, but abelongeth to the church.

6 Wherefore it is the Property of the Lord, and it is for the poor of the church, to be administered according to the alaw

7 For it is the will of the LORD that the church should be made aequal in all things.

8 Wherefore the Bishops are accountable before the LORD for their stewardships to administer of their stewardship in the which they are appointed by commandment.

9 That the profits of all may be dedicated unto the LORD, that the LORD’s storehouse may be afilled always, and that ye may all grow in temporal, as well as spiritual things.

10 And now verily I say unto you that the bishops must separate their bishopric and judgment seats from

the cares of abusiness.

11 But they are not separated from claim neither from counsel.

12 Wherefore I have given you a commandment that you should be joined together by acovenant and bond.

13 Wherefore see that ye do even as I have acommanded.

14 And unto the office of the presidency of the high priesthood I have given authority to apreside with assistance of his counselors over all the concerns of the church.

15 Wherefore stand ye fast, claim your priesthood in aauthority, yet in meekness.

16 And I am able to make you abound, and be afruitful, and you shall never fail.

17 For unto you I have given the akeys of the kingdom, and if you transgress not they shall never be

btaken from you.

18 Wherefore afeed my sheep, even so, Amen.

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Prayer for the Redemption of Zion, by Joseph Smith the Prophet, written in Kirtland, Ohio, December 10, 1833. HC 1: 458-64. At this time the Saints, who had gathered in Missouri, were suffering great persecution. Mobs had driven them from their homes in Jackson County; and some of the Saints had tried to establish themselves in Van Buren County, but persecution followed them. The main body of the Saints was at that time in Clay County, Missouri. Threats of death against individuals of the Church were many. The people had lost household furniture, clothing, livestock, and other personal property; and many of their crops had been destroyed. (Original in “Joseph Smith Papers,” Church Historian’s office, Salt Lake City, Utah.) See also Section 101 which was given by the lord in response to this prayer.

1, The settlers of Zion were sent by revelation. 2-3, Joseph pleads for the saints. 4, The saints desire to build the temple. 5-6, Zion will be established forever. 7, The saints will flee to Zion in the latter-days. 8, Zion is established by God’s laws.; prayers are recorded in heaven. 9-11, we must have the Holy Spirit with us and repent to be worthy of Zion. 12-13, Joseph prays for salvation for the saints.

O Lord my God! Thou who hast called and chosen a afew, through thy weak instrument, by  commandment, and sent them to bMissouri – a place which thou didst call cZion, and commanded thy servants to consecrate it unto thyself for a place of refuge and safety for the gathering of thy saints, to be built up a holy city unto thyself; 2 And as thou hast said that ano other place should be appointed like unto this, therefore, I ask thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, to breturn thy people unto their houses and their inheritances, to enjoy the fruit of their labors;

3 That all the awaste places may be built up; that all the enemies of thy people, who will not repent and turn unto thee, be bdestroyed from off the face of the land.

4 And let a ahouse be built and established unto thy name;

5 And let all the losses that thy people have sustained be arewarded unto them, even more than bfourfold,

6 That the borders of Zion be aenlarged forever; and let her be established no more to be thrown down;

7 And let all thy saints, when they are ascattered like sheep, and are persecuted, flee unto bZion and be established in the midst of her;

8 And let her be organized according to thy law; and let this prayer ever be recorded before thy face.

9 Give thy Holy Spirit unto my brethren, unto whom I write, send them aangels to guard them, and deliver them from all evil;

10 And when they turn their faces towards Zion, and bow down before thee and pray, may their sins never come up before thy face, neither have place in the abook of thy remembrance.

11 And may they depart from all their iniquities.

12 Provide food for them, as thou dost for the aravens; provide clothing to cover their nakedness, and houses that they may dwell therein.

13 Give unto them friends in abundance, and let their names be recorded in the Lamb’s aBook of Life, eternally before thy face, Amen.

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A Revelation to the Twelve Apostles, given through Joseph Smith the Prophet at Kirtland, Ohio, on November 3, 1835. HC 2:300-01 At this time the quorum of the Twelve apostles had only recently been organized. The persecutions in Missouri had caused a great many deaths and the apostasy of many people including betrayals or desertions by some of the Twelve Apostles.

1-2, The twelve came under condemnation through pride and covetousness. 3-4, humility is essential to worthiness. 5-7, William Smith is prophesied to return to the quorum. 8-9, We must repent or suffer; lack of humility is a greater sin than inactivity. 10-14, The Lord gives the parable of twelve sons. 15-16, All apostles are of equal authority; pride is a very grievous sin. 17, Only those who repent are prepared for the great day of the Lord.

Thus came the word of the Lord unto me concerning the Twelve, saying,

2 Behold they are under acondemnation, because they have not been sufficiently humble in my sight, and in consequence of their covetous desires, in that they have not dealt bequally with each other in the division of the monies which came into their hands,

3 Nevertheless, some of them dealt equally,

4 Therefore they shall be rewarded; but verily I say unto you, that you must ahumble yourselves before me, before you will be accounted bworthy to receive an endowmentc, to go forth in my name unto all nations.

5 As for my servant William B. Smith, let the eleven humble themselves in aprayer and in faith, and wait on me in patience,

6 And my servant William shall return, and I will yet make him a apolished shaft in my quiver, in bringing down the wickedness and abominations of men;

7 That there shall be none mightier than he, in his day and generation,

8 Nevertheless if he repent not speedily, he shall be brought low, and shall be achastened sorely for all his iniquities he has committed against me;

9 Nevertheless the sin which he has sinned against me is not even now more grievous than the sin with which my servant David W. Patten, and my servant Orson Hyde, and my servant aWilliam E. McLellin have sinned against me, and the residue are not sufficiently humble before me.

10 aBehold the parable which I spake concerning a man having twelve sons: 11 For what man among you, having twelve sons, and is ano respecter of them, and they serve him obediently,

12 And he saith unto one, be thou clothed in robes, and sit thou here;

13 And to the other, Be thou clothed in rags, and sit thou there, and looketh upon his sons, and saith, I am just?

14 Ye will answer, and say, no man; and ye answer truly;

15 Therefore, verily thus saith the Lord your God, I appoint these Twelve that they should be aequal in their ministry, and in their portion, and in, their evangelical rights;

16 Wherefore they have sinned a very grievous asin, inasmuch as they have made themselves bunequal, and have not hearkened unto my voice;

17 Therefore, let them arepent speedily, and prepare their hearts for the solemn assembly, and for the bgreat day which is to come, verily thus saith the Lord. Amen.


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b TG Jesus Christ, Second Coming of


A Revelation given through President Brigham Young rebuking the Camp of Israel’s Pioneers, at Platt River, Nebraska, on May 28, 1847. Many of the saints were depressed in consequence of all that they had suffered. This had caused some to loose faith. In consequence Brigham Young was led by the spirit to utter this revelation.

1-2, In order to have the Lord’s blessings we must repent. 3-4, Insincere sacrifices do not bring blessings. 5, We must prepare now for God’s judgment. 6, If we do not repent we will numbered with the foolish virgins. 7-8, When we keep our covenants we merit the Lord’s Protection.

I, Brigham, am constrained by the Spirit· to say to you, my brethren, in this aCamp of Pioneers, who have gone; or who have come out of bbondage to find a location for a Stake of Zion,

2 Except you repent, and humble Patten, and my servant Orson Hyde, and my servant aWilliam E. McLellin have sinned against me, and the residue are not sufficiently humble before me.

3 And all your toils and labors will prove a acurse instead of a blessing unto you.

4 In vain do you think that your works will be accepted of the Lord, whilst your ahearts are far from him.

5 The voice of the Spirit of the Lord, is unto the elders of Israel, aprepare ye for the coming of the Son of Man in the Clouds of heaven; yea in a pillar of fire, to take vengeance on the ungodly;

6 Yea, this is my commandment unto you, mine Elders, saith the Lord Almighty, that you speedily repent, lest judgments overtake you, and you be numbered with the afoolish virgins.

7 Let this suffice; atake heed to your ways, and keep your former bcovenants;

8 And I the Lord will adeliver you from all your enemies, saith him who is your badvocate with the Father; even so, Amen.

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b TG Jesus Christ, Advocate


A Revelation given through Elder Wilford Woodruff of the Council of the Twleve, January 26, 1880 near Sunset, Arizona. (about 45 miles north east of present day Willcox, Arizona) (Improvement Era Vol. 1:874) During this period of persecution Wilford Woodruff spent much of his time among the saints in Arizona and southern Utah. This period of persecution, often called the Mormon Underground, left the apostles scattered to avoid imprisonment. In January 1880, Elder Woodruff was in hiding in the mountains of southern Arizona. While fasting and praying, he obtained important revelations from the Lord concerning the work of the Twelve Apostles and future events affecting both the Church and the United States. This revelation was submitted to President John Taylor and the Council of the Twelve Apostles and was accepted as scripture, “profitable for doctrine, for comfort, for light as to the future and for encouragement in the work of the ministry.” Wilford Woodruff stated “During the month of January, 1880, I was at Sunset, Arizona, with the brethren who were trying to establish a Branch of the United Order at that place. At this time the government, through its officers, were using every means in its power to enforce the Edmunds-Tucker law with the evident intent on the part of the officers to break us up as

an organized community. Being away from President Taylor and my Quorum, I felt deeply distressed in mind concerning our conditions as a people. While thus exercised I went into the wilderness, situated about forty miles west of Sunset, and while there I stopped with two young men who were herding sheep belonging to the people of Sunset. I remained with them ten days, reading the revelations of God as contained in the Doctrine and Covenants, and praying fervently unto the Lord to reveal to me His mind and will concerning Zion. On retiring to bed on the night of the 25th of January, 1880, I found myself wrapt in vision, and the next morning the following revelation was given to me of the Lord .”


1-3, The Lord will reveal the future of the Americas. 4-5, Due to wickedness the land will be destroyed. 6, The leaders of government are corrupt; those who do not obey the commandments will share their fate. 7-8, Through mission labors men can become clean of the blood and sins of their generation. 9-12, If we are pure before the Lord he will hear our prayers and fight our battles; instructions on how to deal with enemies, and the true order of prayer are set forth. 13, Saints are not to be violent or vengeful. 14, We must be willing to sacrifice all things for the sake of the gospel. 15-22, The wicked will be destroyed; the saints must gather or be destroyed with them; the Lord’s word will be fulfilled. 23-24, The saints must study the scriptures to be prepared. 25-29, There is great wickedness within the church, we must repent or be severed from the Lord and lose the priesthood. 30, The calamities of the last days will begin in the Lord’s house (upon the church.) 31 -32, The pure in heart will receive eternal life and be protected by the

Lord and his angels. 32-33, The prophets who have gone before are also watching over the work; we must be worthy to join them when Christ returns. 34-35, The saints are commanded to pray lest their enemies prevail. 36 The blood  f the martyrs cries from the ground for vengeance. 37-42, The Twelve Apostles will judge the world; the Lord raised up John Taylor as a prophet. 43-46, All apostles are prophets and possess all the keys, but only one presides at a time.

46-47, Method of revelation and canonization of scripture is set forth. 47-48, The apostles must be full of the spirit of revelation or the powers of hell will prevail. 48, The Lord comes quickly.

Thus saith the Lord unto my servant, Wilford Woodruff, I have heard thy aprayer and will answer thy petition. I will make known unto thee my will concerning the nations who encumber the land of promise and also concerning bZion

and her inhabitants.

2 I have already revealed my will concerning this nation through the mouth of my servant Joseph, who sealed his testimony with his own ablood, which testimony has been in force upon all the world from the hour of his bdeath.

3 What I the Lord have arevealed in that btestament and decreed upon this nation and upon all the nations of the earth, shall be cfulfilled, saith the Lord of hosts. I the Lord have spoken and will be obeyed. My purposes shall be fulfilled upon this nation and no power shall stay My Hand. The hour is at the door when My wrath and indignation will be poured out upon the wicked of the nations.

4 Their murders, blasphemies, lying, whoredoms, and abominations have come up before my face and before the heavens, and the wrath of my aindignation is full.

5 I have decreed plagues to go forth and waste my enemies, and not many years hence they shall not be left topollute my heritage.

6 The devil is aruling over his kingdom and my spirit has no place in the hearts of the rulers of this nation, and the devil stirs them up to defy my power and to make war upon my Saints. Therefore let mine Apostles and mine Elders who are faithful obey my bcommandments which are already written for their profit and guidance.

7 Thus saith the Lord unto My servant, John Taylor, and My servant Wilford Woodruff, and My servant, Orson Pratt, and to all the residue of mine Apostles; Have you not gone forth in My name without apurse or scrip and declared the Gospel of life and salvation unto this nation and the nations of the earth and bwarned them of the judgments which are to come as you have been moved upon by the power of the Holy Ghost and the inspiration of the Lord?

8 You have done this year by year for a whole generation, as men count time. Therefore your agarments are clean of  the blood of this nation.

9 Therefore, as I have said in a aformer commandment, so I the Lord say again unto My Apostles: Go ye alone, by yourselves, whether in heat or in cold and cleanse your feet in water, pure water, it matters not whether it be by the running streams, or in your closets; but leave these testimonies before the Lord and the heavenly hosts; and when you have all done this, then gather yourselves together in your bHoly places and clothe yourselves with the robes of the Holy Priesthood and there offer up your prayers according to my Holy Law.

10 Let him who presides be mouth and kneel at the Holy altar, and there let mine Apostles bring all these atestimonies before my face and before the heavenly hosts and before the bjustified spirits made perfect. And thus saith the Lord unto you, mine apostles, when you bring these testimonies before me, let them be presented by name as far as the Spirit shall present them unto you: The President of the United States, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet, the Senate and House of Congress of the United States, the Governors of the States and Territories, the judges and others sent unto you, and all men and persons who have taken any part in cpersecuting you or bringing distress upon you or your families, or who have sought your lives, or sought to dhinder you from keeping my commandments or from enjoying the rights which the econstitutional laws of the land guarantee unto you.

11 And what I the Lord say unto you, mine Apostles, I also say unto my servants- the Seventies, the High Priests, the Elders, the Priests and all my servants who are apure in heart and who have borne testimony

unto the nations. Let them go forth and cleanse their feet in pure water and bear testimony of it unto their Father who is in heaven.

12 And then, saith the Lord unto mine Apostles and mine Elders, when ye do these things with purity of heart, I the Lord will hear your prayers and am abound by oath and covenant to defend you and fight your battles.b

13 As I have said in a aformer commandment, it is not my will that mine Elders should fight the battles of Zion, for I will fight your bbattles.

14 Nevertheless, let no man be afraid to lay down his life for my sake, for he that alayeth down his life for my sake shall bfind it again and have ceternal life.

15 The nation is ripened in ainiquity and the cup of the wrath of mine indignation is full and I will not stay my hand in judgments upon this nation or the nations of the earth.

16 I have decreed wars and ajudgments upon the wicked and my wrath and indignation are about to be poured out upon them and the wicked and rebellious shall bknow that I am God.

17 As I the Lord have spoken so will I fulfill. I will aspare none who remain in Babylon, but I will bburn them up, saith the Lord of Hosts. As I the Lord have suffered, so will I put all enemies under my feet. For I the Lord utter my cword and it shall be obeyed.

18 And the day of awrath and indignation shall come upon the wicked.

19 And I say again, woe unto that nation or house or people who seek to hinder my people from obeying the aPatriarchal law of Abraham, which leadeth to bCelestial Glory, which has been revealed unto my  saints through the mouth of my servant Joseph, for whosoever doeth these things shall be cdamned, saith the Lord of Hosts, and shall be broken up and wasted away from under heaven by the judgments which I have sent forth, and which shall not return unto me void.

20 And thus, with the sword and by bloodshed, and with famine and plagues and earthquakes and the thunder of heaven and vivid lightening shall this nation and the nations of the earth be made to feel the achastening hand of an Almighty God until they are broken up and destroyed and wasted away from under heaven, and no power can stay my hand. Therefore, let the wicked btremble; let them that blaspheme my name hold their lips, for cdestruction will swiftly overtake them.

21 All that I the Lord have aspoken through the mouths of my Prophets and Apostles since the world began, concerning the last dispensation and bfullness of times, concerning my Church, which has been ccalled out of the wilderness of darkness and error, concerning the Zion and kingdom of God and concerning Babylon the great, and what I have spoken through the mouth of my servant Joseph, shall all be dfulfilled.

22 And though the heaven and earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall be afulfilled, saith the Lord.

23 These revelations and testimonies are before you. Let my Saints asearch the Word of the Lord and btreasure up wisdom and be prepared for that which is to come.

24 As I have decreed, so shall my judgments abegin at the House of God.

25 There are those in my Church who have a name among you who are adulterers and adulteresses, and those who blaspheme my name and those who alove and make a lie, and those who revel and drink with the drunken.

26 If they do not speedily repent of this wickedness and abomination, they shall be asevered from the ordinances of my house, saith the Lord.

27 There are many who have need to arepent, whose hearts are set upon the things of this world, who aspire to the bhonors of men and do not honor the Priesthood, nor seek to build up the Kingdom of God as they should. Neither do they learn and comprehend:

28 That the arights of the Priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled, only upon the principles of brighteousness.

29 Such should repent and turn unto the Lord, and seek for the Holy Spirit to guide them.

30 aJudgments will begin upon my house, and from thence will they go forth unto the world and the wicked cannot escape.

31 aBlessed are the pure in heart for my blessings await them in this life and eternal life in the world to come.

32 Thus saith the Lord unto you, my servant and Apostles who dwell in the flesh. aFear ye not your enemies. Let not your hearts be troubled. I am in your midst. I am your badvocate with the Father. I have given cmine angels charge concerning you. Mine eyes are upon you and the eyes of your Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Hosts and all justified spirits made perfect are watching over you. Your works are manifest before the face of dmy servants who have sealed their testimony with their blood, and before all my servants of the Apostles whom I have taken unto myself.

33 The veil is taken from off their faces and they know your works. They await your coming when you have finished your testimony in the flesh. Therefore, be ye faithful until I come. My coming is at the door.

34 Call upon the Lord in mighty prayer, aask and you shall receive. Whenever you bagree as touching anything and ask the Father in my name, it shall be given unto you. Seek diligently to build up Zion and to magnify your high calling and your enemies shall not prevail over you. Zion shall not be moved out of her place. cZion shall prevail against her enemies.

35 My people shall not be ahindered in the building of my temples unto my Holy Name, if they will bhearken unto my voice and do as I command them.

36 The ablood of my servants Joseph and Hyrum and of mine Apostles and Elders which has been shed for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, cries from the ground for vengeance upon the nation which has shed their blood. But their blood shall speedily be avenged and shall cease to cry unto me, for the bhour of God’s judgment is fully come and shall be poured out without measure upon the wicked.

37 But hearken and hear, O ye Apostles, Elders and people of my Church, to the Word of the Lord concerning you, that for all the blessing that I will pour out upon you and the inhabitants of Zion and the judgments and destruction upon the wicked, I will be inquired of by you to aask the Father in my name to do and to perform these things for you as I told all the House of Israel by my servant Moses, that they should ask at my hand for all those blessings which I the Lord have promised unto bIsrael in the latter days.

38 And as I the Lord ordained mine aApostles who were with me in my ministry and promised them that they should sit upon twelve thrones, judging the Twelve Tribes of Israel, so I say unto you mine Apostles, who I have raised up in these last days that I have ordained you to bear record of my name, and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the bGentiles first, and then to the cHouse of Israel. I have also ordained you to sit upon thrones and judge the Gentiles and the inhabitants of the earth unto whom you have borne testimony of my name in the day and generation in which you live. Therefore, how great is your calling and responsibility before me. Therefore, gird up the loins of your minds and dmagnify your calling in the fear of God, and prepare ye for the coming of the Son of Man, which is enigh at the door.

39 aNo man knoweth the day nor the hour, but the signs of both heaven and earth indicate His coming,

as promised by the mouths of my disciples; the bfig tree is leafing and the hour is nigh. Therefore, prepare yourselves, O ye Saints of the Most High God, with coil in your lamps, for blessed is he that watcheth for  the coming of the Son of Man.

40 Again, hear ye the Word of the Lord, O ye mine Apostles whom I have chosen in these last days to bear record of my name and lead my people Israel until the coming of the Son of Man.

41 I the Lord have raised up unto you my servant John Taylor to preside over you and to be a lawgiver unto my Church. He has mingled his ablood with that of the martyred Prophets. Nevertheless, while I have taken my servants Joseph and Hyrum unto myself, I have preserved my servant John Taylor for a bwise purpose in me.

42 I have also taken many others of the Apostles unto myself, for aI take whom I will take, and preserve in life whom I will preserve, according to the counsel of mine own will.

43 And while my servant John Taylor is your President, I wish to ask the rest of my servants of the Apostles the question: although you have one to preside over your Quorum, which is the order of God in all generations, do you not, all of you, hold the apostleship, which is the ahighest authority ever given to men on earth? You do. Therefore you bhold in common the Keys of the Kingdom of God in all the world.

44 You, each of you, have the power to unlock the veil of eternity and hold converse with aGod the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ and to have the bministrations of angels.

45 It is your right, privilege and duty to ainquire of the Lord as to His mind and will concerning yourselves and the inhabitants of Zion and their interests.

46 And whenever any one of you receives the word of the Lord, let it be awritten and presented in your councils and whatever by united consent you deem wisdom to be presented unto the people, let it be presented by the President, my servant John Taylor, as the word of the Lord. In this way you will uphold him and bstrengthen his hands, as all the burden should not lie upon cone man.

47 For thus saith the Lord, all mine Apostles should be full of the Holy Ghost, of inspiration and revelation to know the mind and will of God and be aprepared for that which is to come. Therefore let mine Apostles keep my commandments and obey my voice and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.

48 Fear not, for lo, aI am with you until I come, and I come quickly. Even so, Amen.

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Revelation given to John Taylor in his office in Salt Lake City, Utah, on the 13th of October 1882. There were  several vacancies in the governing quorums of the church at this time and in many wards throughout the church. Pres. Taylor prayed, “Show unto us thy will, O Lord, concerning the organization of the Seventies.” To this request the Lord sent this revelation to reorganize the quorums of the priesthood. (This revelation was once included in European editions of the Doctrine and Covenants as either section 137 or 138)


1-2, George Teasdale and Heber J. Grant are called to the apostleship. 3-5, More seventies are called; Seymour B. Young is called to the presidency of the seventy. Those who will not conform their lives to all of the Lord’s commandments cannot preside over the priesthood. 6-8, High Priests are called throughout the church. 9, The priesthood must be unified. 10-15, The quorums of the priesthood are to be reorganized; those who are unworthy will be removed. 16-18, The Priesthood is called upon to repent; if we do not obey the commandments the Lord will

not acknowledge us. 19-20, The priesthood must then call on all the saints to repent. 21, Parents called upon to lead their homes and teach their families. 22-24, The saints are commanded to gather in the temples in prayer that the Lord may bless them. 25-26, The Lord will then protect his people and Zion shall be established.

Thus saith the LORD to the Twelve, and to the Priesthood and people of My Church:

2 Let My servants George Teasdale and Heber J. Grant be aappointed to fill the vacancies in the Twelve, that you may be fully organized and prepared for the labors devolving upon you, for you have a bgreat work to perform;

3 And then proceed to fill up the presiding quorum of aSeventies, and assist in organizing that body of My Priesthood who are your colaborers in the ministry.

4 You may appoint Seymour B. Young to fill up the vacancy in the presiding quorum of Seventies, if he will conform to aMy law;

5 For it is not meet that men who will not abide My law shall apreside over My Priesthood;

6 And then proceed forthwith and call to your aid any assistance that you may require from among the

Seventies to assist you in your labors in introducing and maintaining the Gospel among the aLamanites throughout the land.

7 And then let aHigh Priests be selected, under the direction of the First Presidency, to preside over the various organizations that shall exist among this people;

8 That those who receive the Gospel may be ataught in the doctrines of My Church and in the ordinances and laws thereof, and also in the things pertaining to My Zion and My Kingdom, saith the LORD, that they may be bone with you in My Church and My Kingdom.

9 Let the aPresidency of My Church be bone in all things; and let the Twelve also be one in all things; and let them all be one with Me as I am cone with the Father.

10 And let the High Priests organize themselves, and apurify themselves, and prepare themselves for this labor, and for all other labors that they may be called upon to fulfill.

11 And let the Presidents of Stakes also purify themselves, and the Priesthood and people of the Stakes over which they preside,

12 And aorganize the Priesthood in their various Stakes according to My law, in all the various departments thereof, in the High Councils, in the Elders Quorums, and in the Bishops and their Councils, and in the Quorums of Priests, Teachers and Deacons—

13 That every Quorum may be fully aorganized according to the border of My Church;

14 And, then, let them inquire into the standing and afellowship of all that holy My Holy Priesthood in their several Stakes;

15 And if they find those that are unworthy let them aremove them, except they brepent.

16 For My Priesthood, whom I have called and whom I have asustained and honored, shall honor Me and bobey My laws, and the laws of My Holy Priesthood, or they shall not be considered cworthy to hold My Priesthood, saith the LORD.

17 And let my Priesthood humble themselves before Me, and seek not their own will but aMy will;

18 For if My Priesthood whom I have chosen, and called, and endowed with the spirit and gifts of their several callings, and with the powers thereof, do not acknowledge Me I will not aacknowledge them, saith the LORD; for I will be honored and obeyed by My Priesthood.

19 And, then, I call upon My Priesthood, and upon all of My people to repent of all their sins and shortcomings, of their covetousness and apride and self will, and of all their iniquities wherein they bsin against Me;

20 And to seek with all humility to afulfill My law, as My Priesthood, My Saints, and My people;

21 And I call upon the heads of families to put their ahouses in order according to the law of God, and attend to the various duties and responsibilities associated therewith, and to purify themselves before Me, and to purge out iniquity from their households. And I will bless and be bwith you, saith the LORD;

22 And ye shall gather together in your aholy places wherein ye assemble to call upon Me, and ye shall ask for such things as are right,

23 And I will hear your aprayers, and My Spirit and power shall be with you, and My blessing shall rest upon you, upon your families, your dwellings and your households, upon your flocks and herds and fields, your orchards and vineyards, and upon aall that pertains to you;

24 And you shall be aMy people and I will be your God;

25 aAnd your enemies shall not have dominion over you, for I will preserve you and confound them, saith the LORD, and they shall not have power nor dominion over you;

26 For aMy word shall go forth, and My work shall be accomplished, and bMy Zion shall be established, and My rule and My power and My dominion shall prevail among My people, and call nations shall yet acknowledge Me. Even so, Amen.

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A Revelation, given to John Taylor in Centerville, Utah, 27 September 1886. During this time the first presidency was in hiding due to persecution regarding the principle of celestial marriage (see section 132) and their defiance of the federal laws which had recently unincorporated the church and made such marriages illegal. Beginning in May or June of 1886, letters began to come to President John Taylor from many leaders of the Church, asking him to do something to satisfy the Gentiles who were confiscating their property in connection with the property of the Church. George Q. Cannon suggested President Taylor take the matter up with the Lord and decide the next day if a manifesto abolishing the practice of plural marriage and consecration should be adopted to satisfy their demands. [President Taylor replied, “Do you think that I would decide on such a matter as that without taking it to the Lord and get His decision and final word on the matter?”] Accordingly President Taylor inquired of the Lord and received this revelation (Original in “John Taylor Papers,” Church Archives, Salt Lake City)


1-4, The commandments of the Lord do not change, his word stands forever; 5-7, The saints have been negligent in observing the new and everlasting covenant; 8, Covenants are made by the principle of agency; 9-10, The Lord and his commandments do not change; 11, Only those who receive the new and everlasting covenant, as Abraham did, can enter into the glory of the Lord; 12, God will never revoke this law.


My son, John, you have asked me concerning the aNew and Everlasting Covenant; how far it is binding upon my people.

2 Thus saith the LORD: All commandments that I give amust be bobeyed by those calling themselves by my name unless they are revoked by me or by my authority; 3 And how can I revoke an everlasting covenant?

4 For I the LORD am aeverlasting, and my everlasting covenants cannot be abrogated nor done away with; but they stand bforever.

5 Have I not given my word in great aplainness on this subject?

6 Yet have not great numbers of my people been negligent in the observance of amy law and the keeping of bmy commandment?

7 And yet have I borne with them these many years, and this because of their weakness; because of the aperilous times.

8 And further, it is more pleasing unto me that men should use their free aagency in these matters.

9 Nevertheless I the LORD do not achange, and my word and my covenants and my law do not.

10 And as I have heretofore said by my servant Joseph: All those who would enter into my glory must and shall obey amy law;

11 And have I not commanded men that if they were Abraham’s seed and would enter into my glory, they must do the aworks of Abraham?

12 I have not revoked this law, nor will I, for it is everlasting, and those who will enter into my glory must obey the aconditions thereof; Even so, Amen.

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A Revelation received Sunday, November 24, 1889 By President Wilford Woodruff, at Salt Lake City. At this time many of the apostles and other saints were in prison. The Church was unincorporated and the saints denied their citizenship. Many of the Saints, and even members of the Quorum of the Twelve, were daily entreating President Woodruff to make some promise to the government that would relieve the church from the aggression of their persecutors. This was the last revelation given by commandment to the church in this dispensation. (See Journal of Wilford Woodruff) (See also Messages of the First Presidency 3:175)

1-3, The Lord controls the destinies of nations. 4-6, The First Presidency commanded not to deny the laws of God, to pray for the Holy Ghost, and not to make any promises to their enemies. 7, enemies of the Gospel seek the destruction of the Lord’s people. 8-9, Lawyers should plead as directed by the spirit. 10, The Lord will hold men accountable for their acts. 11, Jesus Christ is our advocate. 12-16, the Lord comforts and protects his saints; search the scriptures. 17, Judgment is the Lord’s. 18-23, Watch for the Lord’s word to be fulfilled; the Lord will deliver the saints in his own due time. 24-28, the angels are watching us; the Lord commands us to be faithful to the end.

Thus saith the LORD to My servant Wilford, I the Lord have heard thy prayer and thy request, and will answer thee by the voice of My Spirit.

2 Thus saith the LORD, unto My servants, the presidency of My church, who hold the akeys of the kingdom of God on the earth.

3 I the LORD hold the adestiny of the courts in your midst, and the destiny of this nation, and all other bnations of the earth in Mine own hands; all that I have revealed, and promised and decreed concerning the generation in which you live, shall come to pass, and cno power shall stay My hand.

4 Let not My servants who are called to the presidency of My church, deny aMy word or bMy law, which concerns the csalvation of the children of men.

5 Let them apray for the Holy Spirit, which shall be given them, to guide them in their acts.

6 Place not yourselves in jeopardy to your enemies by apromise;

7 Your enemies aseek your destruction and the destruction of My people.

8 If the Saints will hearken unto My voice, and the counsel of My servants, the wicked shall not aprevail.

9 Let my servants, who officiate as your counselors before the courts, make their pleadings as they are moved upon by the aHoly Spirit, without any further pledges from the priesthood, and they shall be justified.

10 I the LORD will ahold the courts, with the officers of government, and the nation responsible for their acts towards the inhabitants of Zion.

11 I, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, am in your amidst. I am your advocate with the Father.

12 aFear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

13 Fear not the wicked and ungodly.

14 aSearch the scriptures, for they are they which btestify of Me; also those revelations which I have given to My Servant Joseph, and to all My Servants since the cworld began, which are recorded in the records of divine truth.

15 Those revelations contain the judgments of God, which are to be poured out upon all nations under the heavens, which include great Babylon.

16 These judgments are at the door, they will be fulfilled as God lives.

17 Leave judgment with Me, it is aMine saith the LORD.

18 Watch the asigns of the times, and they will show the fulfillment of the words of the LORD.

19 Let my servants call upon the LORD in mighty prayer, retain the Holy Ghost as your constant companion, and act as you are moved upon by that spirit, and all will be well with you.

20 The wicked are fast aripening in iniquity, and they will be cut off by the judgments of God.

21 Great events await you and this generation, and are nigh at your doors.

22 aAwake, O Israel, and have faith in God, and His promises, and He will not forsake you.

23 I, the LORD will deliver My Saints from the dominion of the wicked, in Mine own adue time and way.

24 I cannot deny My word, neither in ablessings nor judgments.

25 Therefore let Mine anointed gird up their loins, watch and be sober, and keep My commandments.

26 Pray always and faint not; exercise faith in the LORD and in the promises of God; be valiant in the testimony of Jesus Christ.

27 The eyes of the LORD and the Heavenly Hosts are watching over you and your acts.

28 Therefore be faithful until I come. I come quickly, to reward every man according to the deeds done in the body. Even so, Amen.

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