A Message To Zion


Dear Brethren and Sisters in the gospel of Christ,

May these joyous greetings find their way to you at a time when you are healthy, prosperous, and enjoying the blessings of close fellowship with the Spirit of God. We trust that you cherish your faith in God and your opportunities to further His Kingdom more than anything else. You may be aware that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its founders have in the past, accomplished more on this earth for the salvation of mankind than any other group of people. The L.D.S. in general are sincere in their service to God and they are still fulfilling important purposes in the plan of the Lord, even though they have gradually set aside their most important principles and peculiarities. That is, with the exception of a small branch of the Mormons.

The Church has had a very successful track record. Their growth rate has been astonishing in view of the much opposition that beset them during the first few years. The Church had its beginning when a much more important group was commanded to organize it. This group referred to is, of course, the Priesthood. Many people have, due to the magnitude of the Church, let this plain historical fact become overshadowed. It is the responsibility of the Priesthood to carry forward the Lord’s purposes of this last dispensation of the fullness of times The main purpose being to bear witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. To assist the Priesthood in this calling, the Prophet Joseph Smith revealed to them the will of the Lord to have a public auxiliary organization, a Church. The Priesthood of God gave birth to the Church of Jesus Christ on April 6, 1830. It took a number of years, however, to get it on its feet.

It was four years before a select quorum of Priesthood brethren finally, commissioned by Joseph, chose twelve faithful brethren to be ordained as Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ in His latter-day Church. The Church grew grace by grace. As the need arose, more about its organization was revealed.

It was given custody of something very sacred: the first principles and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was to send these good tidings before the world.

As the higher principles and ordinances of the gospel were given to Joseph, the more faithful Priesthood brethren would, in turn, be taught them. In many cases it was years before some of these more sacred principles were gently allowed to go public by the prophets, through the medium of the Church. The “Articles of Faith,” though fairly basic, contained enough unique teachings that when taught to the world, it was still too much for some good humble followers of Christ to accept. Most all proselytizing efforts were encompassed in these articles. Missionaries have always been instructed to stay within their scope: the first four principles; modern revelation; living prophets; However, the Book of Mormon; the gathering of Israel, etc. ,the Adam-God doctrine; the law of consecration; the law of celestial-plural marriage and other higher principles were too much for a world so bound down by centuries of false and superstitious traditions. Imagine how much more persecution the saints would have had and how slow the Church would have grown if the Lord had required the fullness of the gospel to be made public from the beginning. Admittedly, this may be difficult for most people to imagine who have never yet been taught what the fullness of the gospel is.

Fortunately for the saints, the Lord lead them from the false traditions of the world to the exalting principles, gently and gradually. The Priesthood delivered the law of consecration to the Church a spoonful at a time. The Adam-God doctrine began to be taught among the Priesthood and after a number of years was released to the Church. Celestial-plural marriage was given too and lived by the worthy saints through private Priesthood operations for a number of years before it was admitted-to; and then given to the Church as a holy principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many faithful had received witness of it and were commanded of the Lord to live it; yet at the same time, it was legitimately denied that the Church either believed, taught or practiced it. Eventually the Priesthood delivered the full law of celestial marriage to the Church and it was openly taught.

Though the Church was eventually given all the higher, principles; the members as a whole never really embraced them. A small percentage were faithful; but the most part the membership proved to be ashamed of the fullness of the gospel

Being subject to the will of the majority, the Church began a series of official reversals in principles and ordinances. This began in the late eighteen-hundreds. The historic 1890 Manifesto, to the eyes of the Church and the world, officially set aside the essential principle of celestial marriage. The Priesthood received that higher law back to itself and has perpetuated it unbeknown to the eyes of the world (except those to whom the Lord has revealed it), to this very day.

Unfortunately for the church members. these reversals continued. Though it had not frustrated the plan of God, His true servants, or the work of this dispensation it has, however, effectively served to darken the minds of those saints who insist on having the gospel their own way and anchor their faith in the arm of their church leaders. The law of consecration was soon replaced with a lesser law. The Adam-God doctrine became an embarrassment. The purpose and design of the Holy Priesthood garment has been mutilated. The true prophets and apostles went into hiding as the compromising presidents and general authorities took their place. The revelations have stayed with the prophets, giving way for the official declarations that have no resemblance or relationship with the word of God. The gathering of Israel has been nullified, and unsanctioned temples have been built around the world outside the borders of Zion. Visions, miracles, signs and wonders began disappearing and many doctrinal and organizational changes too numerous to mention, gradually came in. As the Church gave up each principle, its light unto the world flickered a little and faded, but soon the members got their eyes used to the dimmer setting and consoled themselves with the increased friendship with the world. As time passed, the members forgot all about any brighter light and became ripe to concede some other principle. The spiritual desert that had blossomed as a rose was fading just as Isaiah had prophesied. (Isa. 28) The latest serious concession came with the extension of the Priesthood to the Cannanites. The church members have been conditioned to follow blindly anything their leader will say. This is apostasy. The Gentile Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has completed their rejection of the gospel of Christ. If the few humble followers of Christ who remain scattered and confused, wish to be filled spiritually and shown how to sanctify themselves, they must now pray earnestly unto God that He will allow them to escape from the apostate part of Zion and find the unwavering remnant of Jacob spoken of in prophecy and established in this day

The Lord has not forgotten His people. His prophets and the keys of the Priesthood have remained intact and have passed from one prophet to another in due order from Joseph Smith, Jr. throughout these infamous years of apostasy. The Lord’s hand has not been shortened. You will not have an excuse to have ignored the higher principles. Though they have been denounced by the Church, they have always been available to those who would be true to what the Church did have and who hungered and searched after further light.

Foreknowing the apostate course the L.D.S. Church would choose, the Lord kept His true servants out of the lime-light until the “times of the gentiles” were fulfilled. That time is now past. The final call to all the contrite in spirit is now going forth. Jesus Christ is calling His people to gather in the remnant of Jacob, to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.

The “Branch” of the Lord’s house has been organized as abundantly prophesied, new apostles have been called, “men wondered at,” having been tutored and prepared by the administering of angels though weak in church establishment credentials. Think not that you can procrastinate the day of your awakening and obedience. Humble yourself; consider the possibility of these things; examine the following claims with a prayerful heart and you will come to know their truthfulness by the power of the Holy Ghost:

A)        By way of commandment and revelation the prophet John Taylor set apart a few worthy Priesthood brethren to which the keys of the Priesthood were transferred. The church leaders (some of whom were among those set apart) for many years, quietly acknowledged and worked with these special apostles in administering the higher ordinances to the worthy saints. This custodial Priesthood body of apostles and their following was not to compete with the “Mother Church,” but were strictly commissioned to keep the fullness of the gospel alive. They have passed the keys of the Priesthood from one prophet to the next until today they are held by a true living prophet.

B)        This living prophet has been personally anointed and commissioned by Jesus the Christ and Joseph Smith, Jr. and set apart to organize the righteous branch as foretold in prophecy, to gather out of Zion all the true followers of Christ.

C)        The gathering of the Lord’s people to places of refuge both here in America and in Jerusalem has commenced in preparation for the cleansing of the earth which is to come.

D)        The fullness of the gospel; including the higher principles as contained in the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and as restored and taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith are fully available to all saints who desire eternal progression earnestly enough to want to live by every word which has proceeded forth from the mouth of God.

E)        The gifts of the Holy Spirit are present; miracles, signs, and wonders, to them that believe. God reveals Himself to His prophet. You can read the revelations for yourself and through the grace of God and by means of the Urim and Thummim, the faithful will shortly be able to read more ancient and sacred scripture as promised.

F)         The branch of Christ’s Church is organized with the Prophet and Apostles and is actively fulfilling its mission as foretold; and is making available to the saints, all the principles and ordinances of the fullness of the gospel of Christ; and is directed by the Holy Spirit in all functions.

G)        There is ample scriptural and historical evidence for anyone who does not fear, and is prompted by the Holy Ghost to study these claims. If you are not afraid to learn that these things are true, you can most assuredly know, by the power of the Holy Ghost that these things are true. God will manifest it to you if you will study and ask with a broken heart and contrite spirit

We need not make excuses for these claims or qualify them. They will be completely verified to you whether in life or on the other side of the veil; to your eternal condemnation or to your eternal glory. The truth will triumph over error. Place your faith in God, open your mind, believe that God will tell you the truth of all things which you have made yourself worthy to know.

Praise the Lord!

Sincerely Your Friend,

Gerald Peterson Sr.

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